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Middletown Grange Fair            August 14 -18, 2013        Wrightstown, Bucks County

I love the grange fair. Love Love Love it. The rides, the animals, the food, the nice people. I went as a kid, and now I am taking my kids. Check out the police booth. . they take the kid's photo in a car or in jail. . it is really cute.  And the chicken dinner is super good. Fun too. Nice to eat in the big cafeteria like building with all those nice people. Oh, and don't forget the pick up some awesome salsa, it is homemade and it rocks.

Oh, and if you or the kids are crafty, you can look into submittin everything from crocheted blankets to the pumpkins you grow in the backyard. You may win an award. . .


Here is the schedule:

  • Wednesday.  -  10 AM – 10 PM
  • Thursday.  -   10 AM – 10 PM
  • Friday   -   10 AM – 10PM
  • Saturday   -  10 AM – 11 PM
  • Sunday  -   10 AM  –  5 PM



  • $10 per car Wednesday thru Saturday
  • $5 per car on Sunday
  • 5 day pass for 30 bucks


contact: 215.598.7240

address: Grange Fair    576 Penns Park Road    Penns Park, Bucks County

website:  http://www.grangefair.org/

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