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Written by Spring Mountain   


GeoCaching Adventures                           Spring Mountain, Montgomery County

GeoCaching is  "High-tech Treasure Hunt". Totally cool. Players get a Global Positioning System (GPS) as well as written clues to locate hidden "treasure", known as the "cache".  GeoCaching is pretty fun and is perfect for groups of all ages and abilities. It combines technology and the great outdoors. Educational too. How does it work?

Small teams get a pre-programmed GPS unit containing coordinates. Players follow these coordinates in order to seek out the locations of a series of hidden Caches. In addition to GPS coordinates, players will also get a set of physical clues to help them out.

The team works together, combining problem solving with outdoor adventure to work toward the goal of locating these hidden caches. Teams race against one another and the clock, to locate the most hidden caches, and return to the home base before the other team.  Pretty cool huh? I really think this is neat. I want to go.


Cost is $40 bucks per person on weekdays, $44 bucks on Saturday and Sundays.

If you have 10 or more people, it is 30 bucks person on weekdays as well as Saturday and Sunday.

Oh, and make sure you call and get a reservation to play. I talked to the owner. She is really great, super nice person. Tell her 4kidsinPA.com sent ya!

contact: 267-467-2759

address: 757 Spring Mount Road - Spring Mountain, Montgomery County

website:  http://springmountainadventures.com/geocaching.php  or www.GeoChallenges.com

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